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We’re excited to introduce Kerry, our Occupational Therapist!

Occupational Therapy… Developing Skills..Building Lives.. Strengthen the Body..Empower the Mind..Transform the Soul.. Minding Family Townsville services have expanded to offer Occupational Therapy services. Kerry is available three days a week Wednesday – Friday including after school appointments.  Kerry has experience in working with Paediatrics, and more mature clients with a focus on maximising their potential.  […]

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What is Play Therapy?

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”– Plato At Minding Family we work with children and young teens using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and CBT Directed Play Therapy. Play Therapy uses the child’s language – play – to communicate ideas and concepts in […]

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PROJECT HEALTH – our new group programme

Project health is a 6 week (one hour per week) intervention / obesity prevention programme which promotes healthy, lasting, lifestyle changes to dietary intake and activity. Project Health produced a 66% reduction in future eating disorder onset over 2-yr follow-up. » Find out more in our Eating Disorder Prevention Group Programmes Brochure

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BODY PROJECT – our new group programme

The Body Project is a 4 week (one hour per week) eating disorder prevention programme which reduces thin-ideal internalisation, body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting, and eating disorder symptoms.  This intervention has also been found to reduce risk for future eating disorders. In addition, there is evidence that the Body Project intervention reduces the risk […]

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STUDY WITHOUT STRESS – our new group programme

We are running a group program for young people completing years 11 & 12.  “Study Without Stress”, prepared through Macquarie University Emotional Health Clinic, is a 6 – 8 week interactive group program following a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach found to be helpful for youth in managing study stress and completing their senior years. During […]

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