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#RUOKDay – 10 September 2020

#RUOKDay – Thurs 10 September This day is a reminder that a conversation could change a life. This year our Minding Family team are supporting people to learn what to say after “R U OK?” so we can keep the conversation going when someone says “No, I’m not OK”. You can help too! Visit […]

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OCD and Anxiety Awareness Week

What is Anxiety? Feeling anxious every now and then is ok and quite normal – anxiety serves to prepare us for danger or help us avoid it altogether.  Sometimes these anxious feelings do not disappear or appear in situations that pose no real danger to us, and start interfering with our daily lives. This is […]

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Vietnam Veteran’s Day 18th August

His Excellency, Major General Michael Jeffrey AC CVO MCHIS delivered a speech for the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.  We have referenced his speech in this article. Major General recalled that it was to our country’s shame that its armed forces in Vietnam were not recognised until almost 20 years later.  Around […]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

National Sleep Awareness Week 3 – 9th August 2020 Why is Sleep Important? National Sleep Awareness Week focuses attention on the importance of sleep to mental and physical health. Sleep restores the body, refreshes the mind and is vital for wellbeing.  According to the Sleep Health Foundation, sleep supports concentration, learning and memory, aids the […]

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