Psychology and Allied Health Services

Our Minding Family team is currently made up of a range of professionals including Clinical Psychologists, Registered Psychologists, Provisional Psychologists, an Occupational Therapist and three awesomely amazing administrators.  Collectively, we have OVER 60 years of experience working with different presentations across the lifespan.  

About you…

Here at Minding Family, our team environment is important to us. Our team culture and values are driven by humility and grace, people smarts, commitment, diligence and self-motivation.

We foster our team environment by making a commitment to have lunch together every day as well as engaging in regular fun, team building activities and peer learning.  Our resident OT is creative and encouraging with fun ways to move and keep our mind, body and mood exercised and fresh.

We are looking for someone who aligns with all of these qualities yet also brings a spark of something unique to our practice.

If you are someone who …

  • Values making a difference in the lives of others
  • Believes in continued learning and personal development
  • Is able to interact well with all members of the team including management and clients, help teammates feel appreciated, understood and included
  • Is positive, open and able to engage in honest discussions
  • Is able to work through conflicts or difficult moments.
  • Will go above and beyond to achieve results and is always contemplating the big picture
  • Exercises good judgement and awareness of the impact of their words and actions on others.
  • Likes to share resources and knowledge with your fellow team members
  • Actively takes responsibility and ownership of your work and clients
  • Respects your own time and that of your clients and team through great time management and personal organisation

….then we absolutely must meet!

Please contact us as soon as possible to organise a time to learn more about each other!