Psychology and Allied Health Services

We’re excited to introduce Kerry, our Occupational Therapist!

Occupational Therapy…

Developing Skills..Building Lives..

Strengthen the Body..Empower the Mind..Transform the Soul..

Minding Family Townsville services have expanded to offer Occupational Therapy services.

Kerry is available three days a week Wednesday – Friday including after school appointments.  Kerry has experience in working with Paediatrics, and more mature clients with a focus on maximising their potential.  Kerry completes sessions within our Therapy rooms but is also available for School visits/Assessments and Home visits/Assessments as required.

Kerry’s passion is maximizing all children’s potential in life by taking the time to get to know each child, learning about their personality, strengths, daily activities and goals.  Kerry can assist across many areas including:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Reading, writing and spelling difficulties
  • Sensory Processing disorders – Over/under sensitive to touch, noise, smells, tastes or movement
  • Attention / concentration concerns
  • Difficulties with self-care tasks (e.g. Toileting, dressing, feeding)
  • Fine motor skills (e.g. holding a pencil or cutlery)
  • Gross motor skills (e.g. catching or kicking a ball)
  • Behaviour / Emotional Dysregulation
  • Other symptomology of ASD and ADHD

Kerry uses the ‘Move to Learn’ program within her sessions – A movement program to help children acquire the skills they need in the natural way and order that they were originally intended to be acquired – through Movement. Kerry additionally has a passion for assisting children who have Sensory Processing disorders and uses a practical application with Sensory diets, Proprioceptive input, Breath and Rhythm to assist with “Helping children learn from the inside out.”

For our more mature clients, Occupational Therapy can assist with maximizing their ability to engage and complete daily activities that give meaning and purpose to our lives. This can include work, leisure activities, education or participating in life itself such as spending time with family, driving, getting dressed or making a meal or a cup of tea.

Kerry is an approved provider of services under NDIS and Medicare (EPC) and is looking forward to working with all children / teens and our more mature clients and their families, to foster positive changes in lives.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.” – Plato