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Friendship Day 30th July 2021

Happy International Friendship Day!
Friday 30th July 2021

Ever heard of the saying “we’re stronger together?” The team here at Minding Family love working at building on the truth in this statement. Working together for a common goal can lead to amazing things. Let’s take a look at how surrounding ourselves with genuine and devoted mates can enrich our lives this International Friendship Day!

Friends are great for brain health!

Our friends can also make us smarter – a study has shown that those who perceive their friends to be of a high quality also had above average intelligence into old age (above age 80). This might be due to the ‘higher thinking’ needed in socialising (i.e. social bonding, social intuition and emotional regulation). On top of that, research shows us that emotional support from our friends is positively associated with better cognitive function as we age. In other words, friends keep our brains sharper for longer.

Friends teach us not only to accept the kindness of others but to also reach out when times are rough.

Friends offer us a safe space to reach out when we’re feeling down. However, when we’re feeling miserable and depressed, reaching out can feel extremely hard. Withdrawing from our mates can be a warning sign that we need them now more than ever. Without the friends in our lives, we can increase the risk of developing anxious or depressive feelings. It’s a vicious cycle – check out how it can flow in the diagram below.

At Minding Family, we understand the importance of fostering friendships and that it’s not always easy. Healthy social networks are key to supporting individuals experiencing depressive feelings. If you feel that you or a loved one is struggling, contact our team at Minding Family Townsville to find out how we can provide further support.

Please contact us on 47 238 221 to discuss pathways for referral.